Author: Chris Wesley

Deeper Small Groups

A truly healthy small group is one that has the ability to go deeper. Find out how to take your groups in a direction that will create growing disciples constantly pursuing their faith.

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3 Questions To Ask New Volunteers

“Chris, you say that you give us responsibility, but your quick to take it away.”  Boom.  It was like I had been punched in the gut.  It was some of the most brutal truth I had received in my first 3 years of youth ministry.  She was right, I had too much control.  What added to the shock was this was coming from a volunteer who had only been serving for 6 months. If you want a fresh perspective on how you are doing in ministry, you need to ask your new volunteers.  They have not been jaded by the... Read More

How To Create And Cast Vision

Without vision your teens, your ministry and your church will fall apart. You need a vision that helps the next generation grow the church deeper and wider.

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You And Your Pastor

I get along well with my pastor; however, things have not always been perfect.  I’ve disobeyed his command and he’s chewed me out in front of others.  I’ve been immature, and he’s been overbearing.  There have been times when I went home an emotional wreck because of a fight we had.  And, I know I’ve driven him up the wall with all of my shenanigans.  But, nine years later we’re going strong and I trust the man with my professional and spiritual life. The relationship between a parish priest and his youth minister will always be a challenge.  The... Read More