Author: Colm Leyne

Don’t Forget About Lunch

We’re so busy that it’s easy to forget about what’s important. What’s essential to ministry right now that simply isn’t getting done?

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Storehouses of Wisdom

How many lessons, joys and struggles have already been lived by our elderly that they so desperately want to share to the young? That their desire must be to prevent pain, to encourage lives of deep purpose and influence, and perhaps simply to be heard one last time.

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Swift Justice

Let’s be honest, we don’t choose everyone we’re called to work and minister with, but God chose to place them before you. So let’s take a moment and name them.

Let ideas fail because they were bad or because of circumstance, not because of our effort. Otherwise we’ll never learn together without potentially holding resentment that lack of support was the reason something didn’t pan out.

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3 Ways to Redefine Failure

We are not the sum of our failures. That is best done by giving ourselves experience (and prayer). We need to differentiate our results from our efforts, our success from our worth.

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