Author: Colm Leyne

Advent: Dinosaurs, Tinkerbell and Jesus

A.M.D.G. This Advent, let's not be afraid to fail at telling the Christmas story. Let's be afraid not to live it. First things first… I may say something that offends your understanding and traditions of Advent. I would like to not apologize for that. Actually, my goal is to upset our thinking. The point of Advent isn’t Advent I must admit I’m starting to get past being entertained and now being annoyed at the debate between being too hardcore or hipster when it comes to Advent. We rant on the differences of Christmas and Advent appropriate music (there is... Read More

What Elmo Taught Me

Just because a game is legendary because it has been around forever, doesn’t mean it is actually very good. We need to be careful that we haven’t “Elmofied” our ministry and gone all in on one method.

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