Author: Edmund Mitchell

Catechism and Cocktails Webinar

What if you could use the most important document of the Catholic Church since Vatican II in your daily life? In your ministry? The catechism is unarguably a super important document for the universal Church. The Catholic Church hasn’t put out a summary of the Catholic faith like this since 1566. Pope Benedict said:¬†“…the Catechism was and is an event that has reached far beyond intra-ecclesial debates to stir a secularized society. The Catechism was and is a breach in the soundproof walls of indifference. Faith is once more becoming salt that wounds and heals, a summons that challenges... Read More

Bulletproof Social Media in 10 Minutes a Week

You might¬†not be the greatest at social media. I wish someone would have shown me how to use this app like, two years ago. With the buffer app you can take 10 minutes to set out all your social media crap weeks ahead of time and not worry about it. Super easy. In this video I’ll show you some of the basics to get you up and running and some of the little tips and things to think about I’ve come across while using this for the past year. Checkout Here are some places to get good Catholic... Read More

Using Gaps to Create Curiosity and Hold Teen’s Attention

Youth group started and now its time for your life changing talk about [insert doctrine of the faith here]. You start talking and less than two minutes go by when the signs of boredom start appearing: a head propped up by a hand, half open eyes, crossed arms, fingers texting behind cover, and maybe even a yawn. The Gospel of Christ is life changing – but how can we get kids to listen or care? Enter VSauce. Michael from the youtube channel VSauce is one of those rare breed of explainers who can hold your attention for up to... Read More