Author: John Rinaldo

The Most Powerful Tool In Ministry

I have found the greatest tool to use in ministry. It’s better than any blog, book, curriculum, podcast, website, or electronic device. It’s so important that I literally cannot imagine my life without it. I sometimes wonder how others can live without this tool. What is it? When I graduated from college, I had 3 ministry job offers in 3 very different locations. All were in the field of youth ministry doing similar work. I was offered a position in Los Angeles, San Jose, and Hawaii. As graduation was nearing, I had a decision to make. Where was I... Read More

Dealing with the Pastoral Care of Teenagers

I wouldn’t want to be a teenager today. I recently returned from a five-day retreat where about 150 teens were in attendance to experience God’s love, mercy, and grace. It was an exceptional experience and my Diocese has been doing this event for 18 years. I love the opportunity to connect with teenagers and help them on their faith journey. The teens I meet never cease to amaze me. Their energy for Christ is truly awe-inspiring. With that said, I still wouldn’t want to be a teenager today. These teens are experiencing things in life that I never would... Read More

Rethinking Your Social Media Use

How do you use social media in your ministry? There’s no such thing as privacy. At least not online. For all the energy that has been spent trying to protect our privacy, the reality is that everything that I do online is recorded somewhere somehow. If someone really wanted to get access to my Facebook photos or my internet browsing history, they can get it. That begs the question how I might use online technology in my ministry if there is no guarantee of privacy. It’s only partly about me. It’s also about those that I am ministering to... Read More

Are You Falling For These 3 Myths About Faith?

I have and still do. The truth is that you and I believe things about our faith, our church, and the members of our church that may not be true. I’m not talking about doctrine, theology, or moral teaching. I’m talking about how faith is passed on and lived out by the members of my church. Growing an Engaged Church, by Albert Winseman, is a Gallup book that researches churches and its members to determine some truths about faith and church. For instance, the book states that, “Most churches determine their spiritual health in a similar way. They do... Read More

Pornography: 5 Steps to Avoid It

A secular University wanted to do a study on pornography. More specifically, they wanted to study men that had never watched or saw pornography. Their goal was to see, in this day and age when it is so readily available and accepted by many as a norm, what caused a man not to be exposed to it. Not knowing what the conclusion might be, they set off to find, study, and interview men that had never been exposed to pornography. Their conclusion was quite shocking. In the end, they had to cancel their research because they were not able... Read More