Author: John Rinaldo

Leaders Read and Readers Lead

I was recently listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast, “How to Read a Non-Fiction Book.” I was really intrigued by the topic as I try to read daily a non-fiction book that will help me in my leadership. He shared two tips that were really helpful to me. The first was that he doesn’t feel the need to retain all the information he learned from reading a book. He said that the process of reading itself allows the mind to think and change in different ways. It’s good to retain the big nuggets that are helpful, but he freed me... Read More

You’re Getting a New Pastor

Tis the season. For what, you ask? Many churches begin to prepare for the transition of their pastor. July 1 is the typical day when a new pastor starts in a new church. Many leaders in the church tend to get anxious during this time. Many questions run through their mind as they try to “guess” what the next pastor will be like. Will he be supportive of my ministry? Is he a micromanager? What’s his vision for the church? Is he going to fire us and bring in all new people? Is he a good pastor? It’s normal... Read More

Finish Strong

I enjoy watching the Olympics. Two summer Olympic sports I love to watch are swimming and any sort of running race. The best part of any race like this is watching the last lap. Immediately, the intensity of the athletes increase. You can see it both in their faces and in their strides. They know the finish line is near. It is in their sights. It’s now or never. Each athlete begins to quicken their pace. They feel the thrill and adrenaline of the finish. It is time to finish strong. And this is always where the race gets... Read More

5 Things That A Good Attitude Cannot Do For You

Attitude makes a difference. Yeah, yeah, you know that. You’ve heard it for years. It’s so cliché. And yet, you know it’s true. For years, I’ve heard about all the things that attitude can do for you. In fact, I think the topic is so important that I dedicated a whole letter of REAL Ministry to it. A = Attitude. But, there are things that attitude can’t do for you. In fact, there are 5 things that attitude can’t do for you. Before I take the credit for any of these great ideas, you must know that John C.... Read More

The Secret to Success

How would you define success? I have heard many definitions over the years. Some I agree with. Some, I don’t. In the world today, success is often defined as fame, wealth, and power. Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t had dreams of these things? When I was a kid, I either wanted to be an actor or an athlete. If I was successful at either, I just knew it would bring my fame and wealth. In our video today, John C. Maxwell defines success a little differently. Question: How do you define... Read More