Author: Katie Prejean McGrady

Fill Your Shelves: Sacred Scripture

How frequently do we find ourselves using Scripture at youth gatherings, on retreats, to choose a theme, or even in our personal prayer? I would dare say your answer is “all the time,” which means that Sacred Scripture is central and primary within youth ministry (or at least it should be). If we’re going to effectively incorporate it and make it a foundation of much of what we do, we need to utilize good resources to help us teach it, answer questions about it, and allow it to animate us. After all…The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us,... Read More

Fill Your Shelves: Introduction

Two hours a day…that’s all we got. For fear of us becoming summertime slugs stuck on the couch with our eyes glued to the moving picture box all day, my mother restricted my sister and I to only two hours of television a day during the summer. The rules would bend slightly when it came to TV Land (which explains my sister’s almost unhealthy obsession with The Andy Griffith Show) and some movies (I ruined the VCR tape of “The Runaway Bride” the summer of 2001), but for the most part, mom was quite strict when it came to... Read More

The World Wide Web War

I woke up Monday morning and did what I always do: turned off my alarm, stretched my arms (with the accompanying groans and screeches), said a quick Hail Mary, and then opened my social media applications to see what happened on the world wide web in the 6 and a half hours since I’d last checked in. I quickly learned the Grammy’s should’ve been called the “Sam Smith Awards,” that Kanye once again decided to interrupt someone’s acceptance speech (is anyone really that surprised?), and saw meme after meme making fun of Brian Williams’ on-air fibs about being shot... Read More

Teaching vs. Teacher

Today marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week, a time set aside at the end of every January to celebrate the remarkable triumphs and successes of the Catholic school system across the United States. This week is always special to me, especially since I began attending Catholic schools at the ripe old age of 8 weeks old at the OLQH Early Childhood daycare center in Lake Charles, Louisiana. From there I went on to OLQH School, graduated from St. Louis Catholic High School in 2007, and then earned my B.A. in Theology from the University of Dallas, the Catholic University... Read More

The Soul’s Worth

It’s always risky to write about the “true spirit of Christmas,” if for no other reason than it’s a topic that has been so frequently tackled over the years, and certainly will be in the days to come. More blogs have been circulating, more homilies delivered, and more Hallmark cards purchased proclaiming that December 25th is not merely a day meant for the eating of fat, juicy turkeys or endless hours of ripping over-priced wrapping paper off of presents containing whatever hot, new item the stores were selling this year. We know this to be true: the true spirit of... Read More