Author: Michael Marchand

Redefine the Win

Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee to save one man (and kill two thousand pigs). What are you willing to do to reach one student? To bring one student back to God?

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Flocknote and Life Teen Join Forces for a Youth Ministry Win

Earlier today, our friends at Flocknote and Life Teen announced a really cool partnership between the two organizations. I sat down (virtually) with the founder of Flocknote, Matthew Warner, to get the details: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE FLOCKNOTE ACCOUNT AND GET A $30 CREDIT If you’re a Life Teen parish, I’d love to know how this partnership will make your ministry easier. Comment... Read More

Should Youth Ministry Have A Separate Website?

A question that comes up regularly amongst youth ministers is: Should the youth ministry program at our parish have its own website? The rationale for a separate site usually includes one, two or all of the following: Our parish website sucks. The design is outdated, the functionality is limited, it’s confusing to navigate, no one ever updates it, or maybe it’s just plain ugly. No one visits the parish website. Probably because of the points mentioned above. I don’t have access to update the parish site. There’s some sort of gatekeeper or committee with a firm grip on the... Read More