Author: Michael Marchand

Finding More Time for Ministry

I wish I had more time. I’ve been working in full-time ministry for almost 10 years, and since day one, my biggest complaint has always been: “I wish I had more time.” I always find myself saying things like: – If I had more time, I would make it to schools more often to eat lunch with my teens. – If I had more time, I would invest in building relationships with parents. – If I had more time, I would reach out to more potential adult leaders. – If I had more time, I would equip young leaders... Read More

Create Your Own Blog in Under Five Minutes

People ask me all the time about starting a blog. Sometimes it’s for them, sometimes it’s for their ministry or maybe even for their pastor – but know matter who it’s for, what they’re always looking for is a step-by-step guide to getting started. I decided to take it to the next level, and I created a video to walk you through each simple step. How To Create A Blog in 4 Easy Steps Create an account on Bluehost (you need a web hosting account in order to launch a WordPress blog, and Bluehost is the best out there... Read More

Top Free and Premium WordPress Themes

If you’ve got a blog, you should be running that blog on WordPress (and hosting it on Bluehost). It’s by far the best blogging platform out there. If you’re not using WordPress yet, we’re about to release a quick tutorial on how you can setup a new WordPress blog in under 5 minutes. Getting your blog setup is only the first step, step number two is choosing the perfect WordPress theme. There are THOUSANDS of choices out there, so I thought it would be help to narrow things down a bit. Below I’ve listed what I think are the... Read More

First Impressions Matter – Even if You’re Jimmy Fallon

It’s true what they say: “You never get a second chance at a first impression.” The first time Nicole Kidman met Jimmy Fallon, her impression of him was less than stellar. In fact, before she met him she was interested in dating him. After, she was eager to get away from him. Jimmy Fallon, we learn in the clip below, was totally unaware of all of this: What first impression are you giving: When teens show up for their first youth night? When you meet parents for the first time? When you get introduced to your new pastor? First... Read More

From Obscurity to Household Name

You’re just an ordinary teenager working an ordinary job, when someone notices that you are ridiculously good looking. Because of these good looks, you plucked from obscurity and soon everyone knows your name. You’ve gone from someone with a pretty small network to now having incredible reach and influence. And now the world is watching to see what you’ll do with your new-found influence. If that’s your story, you’re probably #AlexFromTarget. Or maybe you’re #EstherFromSusa. If you’ve been living under a social media rock for the past week, Alex is a teenager who works at a Target outside Dallas,... Read More