Author: Tony Vasinda

Altaration: Giveaway and Review

My Story I once had a youth in my ministry named Stacy. Stacy was a freshman during my second year of ministry in a parish I worked at in Texas, and she was excited about starting high school youth ministry. She was especially excited about being on our youth leadership team. Stacy was the type of young person that was easy to minister to and with. She was smart, outgoing, popular, and authentic. She attracted other teens to the ministry, and she loved Jesus.  There was only one problem. Stacy never went to Mass. Okay, not never, but only... Read More

Let’s MOOC

Over the next 5 five weeks (starting April 12th) over 1000 youth ministers, priests, parents, DREs, and other folks will be diving into a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC).  I have been a part of the conversation about the MOOC from the beginning and as both a member of NACYML, and as a Director here at ProjectYM, I am incredibly excited about the event. For too long as youth workers we have been asking well intentioned, but a number of fundamentally off base questions about what the way we support, engage, and minister to young people.  Christ Jesus needs... Read More

Writers Wanted

On a couple of great youth ministry forums that we participate in (here and here) it has come been suggested that we write some themed lesson series (or that we at least help create a platform to help a team of YMs do that).  We have been putting it off for almost a year, but I am happy to announce that we are now looking for youth ministers, teachers, and other creative youth workers to help write a 10 week long series called “Into the Wild”. My good friend and long time collaborator Edmund Mitchell will be heading up... Read More

Just One Thing

I almost constantly live in something called a “Straddling Strategy”. By that I mean, I try to straddle Home and Work, Travelling and Parish Ministry, Secular Culture Awareness and Theological and Biblical Formation, Friends and Family, and I straddle a number of other options as well.  I often feel at a loss for time and productivity because I try to commit to many things.  I feel the need to be all things to all like Paul talks about in the 9th chapter of Corinthians.  I find myself overtaxed.  I find myself over burdened. I find that I have taken... Read More