Author: Tony Vasinda

Life Teen, NET, and Steubenville Announce Partnership

Different ministries partner together all the time.  You partner with the parish down the street, multiple large ministries partner to make conferences happen, and sometimes ministries even work on long term projects together.  This is as true for the parish as it is for national ministries like Life Teen, NET, and the Steubenville Conferences.  Last week these three ministries announced a large partnership that has the potential to be a true game changer. According to the National Catholic Register, theses three powerful ministries were partnering “in order to leverage each other’s strengths and promote all three ministries.” After fielding... Read More

On The Ground At NCYC

Once every two years 25,000 high school youth, youth ministers, and adult volunteers descend en masse to the National Catholic Youth Conference.  If you want to experience the vibrant Catholic worship, great speakers, or just get blown away by how massive our Church is, NCYC is the place to do it. This week a large number of our team members will be on site, in Indianapolis, posting reflections, ideas, and videos from our experience.  If you are here stop by both #408 to see the whole crew, get interviewed for project YM, or to participate in an ongoing... Read More