Bulletproof Social Media in 10 Minutes a Week

You might not be the greatest at social media. I wish someone would have shown me how to use this app like, two years ago. With the buffer app you can take 10 minutes to set out all your social media crap weeks ahead of time and not worry about it. Super easy. In this video I’ll show you some of the basics to get you up and running and some of the little tips and things to think about I’ve come across while using this for the past year.

Checkout bufferapp.com

Here are some places to get good Catholic content for your teens:

Chris Stefanick’s Youtube Page
Spirit Juice Studios’ Youtube Page
Outside da Box Youtube Page
Catholic Hipster Facebook Page
and of course on ProjectYM’s Facebook Page

Stuff YOU make! Original content made by you or your teens is always way better to use than just reposting stuff from around the web. Put your face out there, write something you believe, take a picture of something, draw a weird stick figure.


Edmund Mitchell

Edmund Mitchell is a Catholic husband, father of three, and lay minister for the Church.
He currently work as the Director of Youth Ministry at a parish in Grapevine, Texas. He met his beautiful bride at Franciscan University, where h graduated with a Bachelors in Catechetics and Theology with a concentration in youth ministry.
Edmund writes, speaks, and recently launched a huge project called Reverb Culture. Its a community of young adults attempting to live the catechism in wild ways.

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