Catechism and Cocktails Webinar

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What if you could use the most important document of the Catholic Church since Vatican II in your daily life? In your ministry?

The catechism is unarguably a super important document for the universal Church. The Catholic Church hasn’t put out a summary of the Catholic faith like this since 1566.

Pope Benedict said: “…the Catechism was and is an event that has reached far beyond intra-ecclesial debates to stir a secularized society. The Catechism was and is a breach in the soundproof walls of indifference. Faith is once more becoming salt that wounds and heals, a summons that challenges us to take a position.” (In the book: Gospel, Catechesis, Catechism)

“This Catechism is of historic importance.” says Fr. John Hardon, who was a leading voice in the revival of catechesis in our time. “Depending on how seriously we take it, the future of the Catholic Church will be shaped accordingly.” Fr. John explains that the course of the Catholic Church will depend on whether or not we see the Catechism as an act of God. “He is providing us with the opportunity of helping to make the twenty-first century the most glorious since the coming of Christ, but on one condition: that we capitalize on the gift He is giving us in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” (Read the article here.)

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the Papal Household, said in a Homily at the Vatican: “…this book can be transformed from a silent instrument, like a valuable violin resting on a velvet cloth, into an instrument that sounds and rouses hearts.”
(1st Advent Sermon to the Papal Household)

Fr. John Hardon went on to say: “We now have a one-volume reservoir of Catholic truth and practice for everyone who wants to bring others to Christ, if they are not yet Christians; to solidify the faith of those who have been baptized; to defend Roman Catholicism in a world in which the Church has been abandoned by so many once-believing Catholics and is being betrayed even by some of her ecclesiastical leaders.”

In youth ministry, we are called to evangelize by brining teens to Jesus and calling for conversion, but then we must teach them The Way of being a disciple of Jesus. This Way is contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The very layout and structure of the Catechism itself can teach us how to better evangelize and make disciples.


But why don’t more people read and use it?

The most common reasons I’ve come across are:

“Its too dense and dry.”
“There’s too much theological language.”
“I have no clue what I’m reading.”
“I don’t know how to apply this to my life. It all seems abstract.”

Well we’re changing all that.

Reverb Culture is proud to announce our first ever free live webinar, Catechism and Cocktails, that will help make you a wielder of the mean green.

Not by selling you a spark notes dumbed-down version of the Catechism, but by teaching you how to use it confidently.

You’ll learn how to navigate the Catechism, some tips for reading it more effectively, and some tools in the catechism and outside of the catechism that will help you use it and apply it. You’ll also be able to pray with the Catechism on a daily basis.


For years I’ve not only used the catechism on a daily basis but also learned how to pray with it, live it, and teach people how to do the same with it. I’ve come across some great books and resources and learned a ton over the past 5 years. I’ve presented this material at Diocesan Conferences, retreats, RCIA, in Puerto Rico (long story…) and on podcasts.

Now we want to have a party with you and share all this goodness. (And cocktail recipes. Two of Reverb Culture’s favorite recipes to be exact.)

We’d love for you to join us May 21 at 7:00pm CST for an 1.5 hour course that will not only teach you how to wield the catechism like Gimli’s axe, but I’ll also be showing you how to make two of my favorite Reverb Culture endorsed cocktails, and giving you a few free pdf downloads to insert into your utility belt.

This ain’t your mother’s catechism class. We need three things to revive the Church through the catechism: the interior teacher, catechists who can unpack the catechism, and a community of people who can transform the letter into a living voice.

That’s why from the very beginning of Reverb Culture, we’ve tried to cultivate art, culture, prayer, and community more than presenting teachers to teach you. We need Catholics who are comfortable drawing from the Catechism sources of inspiration and prayer, who then go out and transform these letters into a living voice.

BYOB and join the conversation at this free live webinar.

We need your help! By joining this webinar and the conversation, you can help make Reverb Culture better. Add your feedback and input, ask questions, and help others.

Reserve your spot to join the webinar by signing up here.

We’ll send you and email Thursday morning with instructions on how to join the webinar and conversation that night.



Edmund Mitchell

Edmund Mitchell is a Catholic husband, father of three, and lay minister for the Church.
He currently work as the Director of Youth Ministry at a parish in Grapevine, Texas. He met his beautiful bride at Franciscan University, where h graduated with a Bachelors in Catechetics and Theology with a concentration in youth ministry.
Edmund writes, speaks, and recently launched a huge project called Reverb Culture. Its a community of young adults attempting to live the catechism in wild ways.

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