The All-In-One Fundraising Event You've Been Looking For!
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The All-In-One Fundraising Event You’ve Been Looking For!

Raise thousands of dollars* for your ministry in just one night!



Trivia nights are something that have cropped up all over the country, but maybe you’ve never heard of them or don’t know what they are. Typically, trivia nights are an opportunity for friends to get together around a table at a bar or restaurant and compete against other tables to see who knows the most about random bits of trivia. At the end of night the team who gets the most questions right wins!

These community centered events are popular with people of all age groups because of their unique combination of fun, competition, conversation, and teamwork. You don’t have to be a trivia pro to attend, host, or benefit from a trivia night. You just need a space host one, a list of questions, and a little help to put it together…and we have done most of that work for you.


Yes! We’ve tested it at parishes all over the country!

This event kit combines decades of in the trenches parish fundraising knowledge with the practical tools to you need to cast a vision, create buy in, create a buzz, and to advocate for your ministry with minimal effort on your part.


Yes! We’ve raised up to $10k on a single night*!

Over the past three years parishes using this event kit have consistently raised $3,000 to $10,000 with a very small investment of time, resources, and volunteers.


Yes! We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Our team believes that you need to respect your time and the time of your team. Our focus in putting this kit together was to save you time and energy while increasing the amount of money you are bringing in.

“I put together this event kit because I hate fund raising, but I love my teens and I love trivia nights.”

Creator of “Parish Pub Trivia Night”

NOTE: Some of the items below are only included in the Premium Package.

Powerpoint Questions

Unlike other paid quiz games, our questions are already placed on attractive slides and ready to go.

Publicity Kit

In order to help you get the word out we have created a set of posters, flyers, and social media graphics to help you advertise in your parish, around town, and on the web.

Event Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you lay out a clear plan and track the progress of your event. This is a much needed tool to help you cast a clear vision and get buy in for your event.

Answer Sheets and Key

These printable answer sheets make it easy to keep track of a team’s score between rounds, and help remind everyone of the rules. The Answer Key makes score a breeze for your team.

Great MiniGames

Graphics and rules for some of our favorite MiniGames that can be played during your event. MiniGames are great because more winners means more people who can’t wait to come back.

Mistakes to Avoid

After running this event several times, we’ve put together a list of the top five mistakes for you to be sure to avoid.

Step-By-Step Walk Thru

Never run a trivia night? Never even been to a trivia night?
No Worries. This walk thru will take you through the event step by step to make sure you have a full grasp of each step of the checklist and each part of the event.

Consultation with the Creator

In a 30 minute phone or video call, Tony will walk through the event with you to answer all your questions, troubleshoot problems, and help you come up with ideas about how to make your night better.

Customized Graphics

Our design team will work with you to customize your posters, flyers, and social media graphics customized with your parish and event information. If you are planning a high polish or gala style event, this is a must have.

“Parish Pub Trivia has been the highlight of our parish’s spring for the past two years. The only question that the parish council has had for me after the night is if we’re doing one or two trivia nights next year! We’ve collected about $8,000 the past two years with this fundraiser and can’t wait for next year!”

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church


  • 7 Rounds of Questions
  • 2 MiniGames
  • Event Checklist
  • Answer Sheets and Key
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • Publicity Kit
  • Step-By-Step Walk Thru
  • Consultation with the Creator
  • Customized Graphics


  • 10 Rounds of Questions
  • 3 MiniGames
  • Event Checklist
  • Answer Sheets and Key
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • Publicity Kit
  • Step-By-Step Walk Thru
  • Consultation with the Creator
  • Customized Graphics


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The All-In-One Fundraising Event You've Been Looking For!

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