Stay Gold, Ponyboy

For ten years now, I have offered a personal blog post regarding my birthday.  Despite moving to a new blog address, I see no reason to discontinue the practice.  Hi, gang, I am 56 today.

Here’s a third movie reference in five posts over the month of January. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is first and foremost a beautifully shot movie – a fitting tribute to the setting of Life magazine, a now defunct magazine that specialized in telling a story through compelling pictures.  The title character (played by Ben Stiller with a similar Museum-like  steadfastness) leads a rather mundane life that only finds highlights with his imaginative fantasy responses to life. His career is about to culminate as Life prepared its final print edition and he is responsible for famed photographer’s Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn)) cover photograph which has gone missing.

The adventure that follows (is it real or another fantasy?) is the essence of the story. Mitty moved from being the admirer to O’Connell’s adventures to having others – a shipmate (responsible for this post’s title line) and an e-Harmony tech support guy – cheering on his own bold moves.

Our stories…  my story…  is always better, stronger, not easier, not less complicated when we move out of our heads and put our hearts on the line and apply our hands to the task before us.  That’s life.  That’s discipleship.

D. Scott Miller is the dean of Catholic Youth Ministry bloggers which is a polite way of either saying that he is just plain old or has been blogging for a long time (since 2004.) Scott recently married the lovely Anne and together they have five adult young people and also grandparent two kids and two granddawgs (so, maybe he is just plain old!) Scott presently serves in two neighboring parishes in Maryland: One as a director of faith formation and the other as a coordinator for youth and young adult ministry. He has previously served on the parish, regional, diocesan, and national levels as well as having taught within a catholic high school. He is one of the founders of RebuildMyChurch. He posts weekly at ProjectYM.