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Instagram can build the Church

Instagram is famous for people posting tons of selfies and pet pictures. However, it can be used for good. I’ve found a few Catholics who really use it as a platform for their faith. It will never be a complete catechism but it can help you in your walk with the Lord. Instagram is all about being beautiful and beauty is an important way to see God today (as my Instagram bio reminds you).

These Instagrammers are good for every Catholic to follow; adult or teen, in ministry or barely hanging onto their faith. I chose these based on a few criteria; I list these criteria at the end for the curious.

  1. VATICAN__ ( – the Holy See’s official account)

This gives you news about the Pope and other happenings in the Church. I was going to put at least 1 news agency on the list but this is so good, I saw no need to.

  1. FRJASONSMITH (Fr Jason Smith, LC)

Fr Jason is a priest in the New York metro area who seems like he used to be a professional photographer.  His posts generally have two parts: a photograph from his life that looks like it could be in a tabletop book, and a reflection to help you grow spiritually that he writes in the description.

  1. CATHOLIC_TEEN_POSTS (Roman Catholic Teen)

I know I said I generally avoided those posting memes, quotes, etc. Well, I didn’t skip them completely. This teenager who remains anonymous posts the best done pictures, quotes and memes of any Catholic on Instagram.

  1. JOHN_MONACO (John)

John gets the award for the young person who uses Instagram best. He’s in his 20s and posts stuff from his ordinary life and well-done photos of his spiritual life. As he says: “Learning radically,Loving unconditionally, Living sacramentally.”

  1. IMAGINESISTERS (Imagine Sisters Movement)

This group exists to promote vocations to inspire and promote vocations to Catholic women’s religious life. Their Instagram consistently posts positive pictures of Catholic sisters. They seem to get pictures from all over but unless the nuns send them to Imagine Sisters, I’m not sure where they get most of them.

  1. FRMATTHEWLC (Me, Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC)

I think beauty is an important way to see God today. I post pictures of what I see that shows the beauty of God in this world. Usually that means a combination of religious things, nature, manmade beauty, and my life.

  1. Instagram Church

    Bring the Church to the people, even on Instagram!

    HAPPYNUN1 (Sr. Colleen Clair, FMA)

This nun posts some wonderful photos of her life ministering to kids. She often features her nun puppet. She shows how the old adage is true: “The true believer knows the one thing he can’t laugh at but will willingly laugh at anything else.”

  1. SEMINARIAN_IVAN (Ivan Torres)

More or less the things you’d assume a seminarian would take photos of. He does a good job in taking them well and consistently, so he gets on this list.

  1. CATHOLICDAILY (catholicdaily)

OK, this page is a second page that posts pictures and quotes. It’s quite good. Interestingly, when I asked for suggestions, I was inundated with users who these type of things. Catholic daily stood out because they pay attention to beauty and do their own posts.


He’s a 23-year old guy with a cell phone camera who’s happy about being Catholic. He posts a mix of pictures from his life, pictures of religious stuff he takes and other painted images.

  1. BIBLEGEEK (Mark Hart)

Mark Hart posts some funny stuff, some family stuff and some ministry stuff. He’s a VP at Life Teen but he’s more known for his books and talks that make the Gospel accessible to teens. Since Teens are a huge part of Instagram, he gets on this list.

  1. LIFETEEN (Life Teen)

Life Teen is a top program for reaching teens with the Gospel and the Catholic Faith. They post daily quotes with nice background images on Instagram. They are consistent in style but their style is quite nice.

And 4 honorable mentions if you want others to follow (no descriptions):

  1. CHELSEAAFMD (Sr. Chelsea)
  2. HEARTPONDERINGS (Parents of a Poor Clair)
  3. CATHOLIC_IMAGERY  (Catholic Imagery)

In case you’re wondering, here’s a few criteria. All of these people have public accounts, I looked at both the content and the beauty, I’ve included those who express their Catholic faith in their pictures, and I’ve preferred people who post pictures they took to those who post stuff they found elsewhere. Also, people who made my post, 12 Tweeps Every Catholic Teen Should Follow on Twitter (it’s suggested reading) where less likely to make it. Last Thursday I asked my Instagram followers to suggest people for this list and I got a bunch there.

Note: 6 months after I published this I published Instagram Is a New Field to Evangelize (But Most People Are Doing It Wrong) which you may be interested in if you liked this post.

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