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The first Support a Catholic Speaker Month was launched back in 2009 by Matthew Warner over at Fallible Blogma.

The idea was to allow people to nominate and vote for the favorite Catholic speakers and then have Catholic bloggers around the world blog about each of the top speakers. The goal was simple: to raise awareness about the many Catholic Speakers out there and to support them”. That year over 3,000 people voted and 100 bloggers participated.

Then in 2012, Brandon Vogt took over the reigns. Once again, Catholics around the world were able to nominate and vote on their favorite Catholic speakers and Catholic bloggers wrote about each speaker. In 2012, over 11,000 people voted! This year, they’ve handed “Support a Catholic Speaker Month” over to ProjectYM…

We’ve already completed the nominations process – crowdsourcing a list of over 130 Catholic speakers – and now it’s time to vote!

If you’re a Catholic blogger and want to participate by interviewing and writing about one of the top Catholic speakers, you’ll be able to sign up after you vote.

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Please limit your write in vote to one speaker (only the first person you list will be counted).


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Michael is a Catholic evangelist, author and speaker. Michael is best known as the cofounder of ProjectYM, but his resume also includes over 10 years of parish youth ministry experience, preaching gigs at events and conferences around the world, a Catholic theology degree, a book on Catholic evangelization, years of training and consulting with parish/diocesan leaders on technology and social media, countless online projects, and the creation of ReigniteUganda – a mission organization dedicated to equipping young Catholic leaders in Uganda.

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  1. Scott Dougherty

    I would love to hear what everybody thinks about this list. Is it good enough? Should there have been any additions to it?

    • Karen Head

      Jeff Cavins and Steve Weidenkopf need to be added they are amazing!!! Also, Michael Coren and Megyn Kelly thank you!! Mark Hart is the greatest imo. God bless

      • Scott Dougherty

        I loved Jeff in the quick journey through the bible, but have never been able to catch him live. I was surprised he want on here, too!

    • Karen Head

      Also Steve Ray and Patrick Coffin and Jimmy Akin is fantastic! Also Tim Staples.

    • Shaun McAfee

      I’d add Ken Hensley. Or me as well. huge list though, my gosh how do you keep up?

      • Scott Dougherty

        Prior planning and lots of prayers. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (and miraculously keeps us on task!)

        • Christine L. Niles

          Anyone who is actually familiar with the vast majority of his content (which is far more than the Vortex) knows this is false. Watch his talks for yourself. In any case, we get thousands of messages from supporters saying that Michael’s talks have inspired them and helped re-ignite their zeal and love for the Faith.

          • Michael Gormley

            Well that’s good to hear! Praise God!
            So it’s just the Vortex that’s super negative, then, but his other presentations are not?

          • Cynthia B

            That’s correct Michael!

          • Miller Lokanata

            Ola Gomer, Vortex is a ‘news’ program and like ANY other news program it has to have a ‘shocking’ element to it. I met him as a person and hung out with him and he is pleasant, knowledgeable and very in love with the Church. Check his other programs…it is less shocking because it meant to inform and teach. I, myself, don’t really like his method of delivery from time to time, but the insights he has been very useful

    • Dale Smith

      Michael Voris!!!

  2. Mike Landry

    I am stunned and surprised I wound up on the list.. that’s quite the huge number of great speakers to vote for. Should be quite a project when all is said and done!

  3. Michael Marchand

    Just to clarify: the names on this list were generated by our 2 week open nomination process. If someone nominated them during that time, they’re on the list above. 🙂

  4. sgm

    Peter Kreeft gets my vote… But it is a great list with many great and inspiring speakers

  5. Sue Thrun

    This is great. So awesome to see such a wonderful list of Catholic speakers, though I think you are missing one of the best. You need to have Jeff Cavins on this list. He is one of the most inspirational Catholic speakers and has paved the way for many of the speakers on this list. Blessings on your day!

    • Scott Dougherty

      Please feel free to write Jeff in when you vote,and tell your friends to do the same. He may not get featured, but at least we can get him an honorable mention – and a headstart on next year!

  6. Matt Fradd

    This Catholic speaker, while not impugning the motivations of those responsible for this “contest,” finds it distasteful. We can wrap it anyway we want: “we’re bringing awareness to Catholic speakers, or, “we’re showing our appreciation to those speakers who have touched our lives” . . . It’s so very “of this world,” isn’t it? Imagine a 1st century Christian participating in an 1st century equivalent: “and the winner is [drum roll] . . . the Apostle Paul!”

    Okay, okay, so there’s my rant.

    I’m open to changing my mind if you can convince me otherwise.

    • Marika Donders

      Hi Matt, it is helpful if you are working on finding a speaker to see who others have liked for their conferences, workshops etc. I like the way Brandon Vogt listed them in 2012 … the top 100 made the list, but in no particular order 🙂 see

      • Matt Fradd

        That’s helpful. Thanks Marika, I didn’t know he did that. Brandon is a champ.

    • Michael Marchand

      Matt –

      The goal really is to bring awareness to Catholic speakers. If I felt like I had enough knowledge about great Catholic speakers around the world, I would just start creating a running list of all those speakers – no voting necessary.

      But when Support a Catholic Speaker Month was launched in 2009 by Matthew Warner (and continued by Brandon Vogt), he realized that no one has that kind of extensive knowledge, so he set out to crowd source that list. Which is exactly we (and Matt and Brandon) created the nominations list above.

      But if we’ve already got that list, why is the voting process necessary? Two main reasons: 1) Quality Control and 2) Time.

      1) Quality Control – With a crowd sourced list, anybody can get their name on that list. From bad speakers to straight up heretics, and it would take a lot of work to vet every person on such a long list. Voting allows us to crowd source that vetting process as well. It narrows down our long list to a much shorter list (in our case 50) of proven speakers. We then allow bloggers to connect with and profile those speakers (adding a second level of vetting).

      2) Time – The longer the list, the more work and time has to be put into creating, maintaining, and (for our audience) reading it. By creating a goto list of 50 awesome Catholic speakers, we’re able to provide the information people are looking for (like “Who should I bring in to speak at my parish?”) in a much more manageable and consumable size.

      Hopefully that helps clear up our motives behind this “contest”.

      Connect with me on Twitter if you’d like to chat about it more. 🙂



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