13 Reasons Why Season 2

The truth is your students are watching 13 Reasons Why. When season 1 was released, teens everywhere spent their Spring Break binging the entire season. And with season 2 coming out earlier this month, your teens are probably binge watching it right now – if they haven’t already finished it.

While the characters and the high school are fictional, the sad reality is that the issues presented are real. Very real.  And because your teens are already talking about the show (and the issues it brings up), we wanted to give you the resources to enter into those conversations.

**Please note that We DO NOT RECOMMEND that you use 13 Reasons Why in your ministry.**

On episode 19 of Catholic Youth Ministry Live (our weekly webshow for Catholic youth ministers), Chris and Michael interviewed Roy Petitfils about the latest season. Roy is an internationally sought after speaker who uses humor, passion, clinical and life experience to help adults connect with teens and teens to know, understand and love themselves. He is a licensed counselor and award winning author who is an expert at raising and understanding teens.  During the conversation, they touched on what the show depicts well, what they wished the show dove more into, and the connections that the teens are making with this series.  The conversation was eye-opening and offered help for youth ministers, and parents, to initiate and participate in honest, loving discussion.  Watch the replay of the show below: 

In addition to this awesome video, we want to give you access to a free resource – a detailed episode guide created by Jenifer Cweik.  It also includes 2-3 questions designed to help your teens process and talk about what they are watching.  And more importantly, how it relates to their own lives.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THAT FREE RESOURCE.
Again, this is not a show you should go out and create a youth night for. But, it is our job as youth ministers to be aware of what is trending with our students and be ready and willing to have informed conversations with them. Lastly, don’t forget to pray with and for your students – remind them that they matter, that they’re loved, and that they’re never alone. 

Crystal Marchand

Crystal works as Content Manager for ProjectYM. Over the last 11 years, she has been an all-star youth ministry volunteer, written and led countless number of retreats and has had the privilege to support and love on several wonderful small groups of teens. Crystal has 3 wonderful children and loves being a ministry wife. She also loves all things Pinterest, crafting, music, and finding new things to do with her awesomely crazy curly hair.

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