5 Ways to Thank Your Core Team

This time of year we all come to realize this is “the time” we are to be thankful for things. Here are some ways you can be thankful for your core team:

Listen Better:

Often times, especially in the heat of a youth event, we can get lost in our own vision or way of doing things. I challenge you, can you take a step back, and listen to your volunteers. How do they see things? Can their ideas help enhance what is already working in the ministry? Remember the ministry does not belong to the minister, it belongs to those we serve, and we need to strive to meet their needs. You may be surprised with what you learn, but you will also be saying (without actually saying it) that they are valued members of this team of yours!

Give Your Time:

We all like to open up gifts, I mean; ripping that gift wrapping is just so satisfying. But more so, the feeling of respect your team will get if you make time for them will go a long way.


We all like to be acknowledged when we do a good job. How do we do that for our team? Might an email to the entire team sharing the successes of those who helped you on your youth night or on that mission trip or at that lock in? Be specific, and thank your core team publicly.

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Look, I am an Italian American from Brooklyn. I always look to celebrate my team with some good food, drink, and desserts (yea, we have really good Italian pastries here in Brooklyn). How can you gather your team to share in a meal? Maybe invite their families too! Think how you can show your appreciation.


There is nothing wrong with needing to recharge, actually I do not think we do it enough. Consider planning a core team retreat, giving them time to meet their own spiritual needs. Go and ask them when the last time they went on a retreat for themselves? The answer may reinforce my point.

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Paul Morisi

A native of Queens, NY, Paul has been serving the young Church in the Diocese of Brooklyn since 2010. In 2013 he completed his MA in Historical Theology from St. John's University. Paul and his wife Alison welcomed their first child James Anthony last April and they couldn't be more excited.

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