Back That Ash Up and WIN!

Announcing the 3rd annual PiousPosers Back That Ash Up – Ash Wednesday Contest!

How it works:

  1. Go to an Ash Wednesday service to turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.
    (You’ll get some ashes in the process!)
  2. Take a picture of you and your ashes in front of a unique background (Back That Ash Up!)
  3. Post it to any one of the following places with #BackThatAshUp2015for a chance to WIN!
Instagram: @piousposers

**Please keep backgrounds appropriate and respectful**
Winners will be chosen and contacted on the days following Ash Wednesday 2015

We have a number of prizes that were generously donated
by some amazing sponsors including ProjectYM!

Need some inspiration? Check out our 2014 Winners

>>>> Link ‘2014 Winners’ to


This is not an opportunity to shove our faith in the faces of others.

This is an opportunity to “cast out into the deep” and bring the light of Christ into some cool places.


As a former youth ministry coordinator, I know how tough it can be to find ways for teens to get excited about Ash Wednesday and Lent. First of all, it’s a day of fasting which is never an easy thing to ask a teen to undertake – teens love food… amiright? Secondly, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a pretty solemn season in the Church. Thirdly, for those teens who enjoy the technicalities, it’s not ‘technically’ a holy day of obligation, so I don’t ‘technically’ have to go. And finally, you leave the church with your forehead marked with a sign of the cross made of ashes, and sometimes you get some weird looks. DISCLAIMER: **These are all things I have heard from teens**

Don’t get me wrong, Ash Wednesday is an amazing day. But, we can all admit that sometimes teens may not see it that way.

How can Back That Ash Up 2015 benefit your ministry efforts?

  • This contest could be a way to spark excitement about Ash Wednesday and Lent among your youth and young adult communities.
  • There are a number of great prizes available which are aimed at various age and interest groups.
  • The contest also involves the use of social media, which is a no-brainer.
  • Finally, it could be a great way for you to build community within your group of young people. You can even enter a group photo! Youth groups have done this in the past.

Feel free to supplement the contest with some prizes of your own within your local groups. Have all members enter the main contest online, and allow all of these entries to serve as entries into your local Ash Wednesday Contest. Provide prizes for the winners (chosen by a vote?), and celebrate with pizza and a slideshow of all the entries… on the following Sunday (It’s a feast day! Yes… I was one of those technicality kids). You can also precursor this contest with a talk / youth night about Ash Wednesday and Lent.

There’s a youth night for you. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, the main purpose of this contest is to encourage people to go to an Ash Wednesday service. While it is easy to assume that this contest is making a ‘show’ out of an event that marks the beginning of a traditionally solemn season in the Church, this is not our intent. We encourage reverence and respect (see respect recommendations above). However, we are also called to be out in the world and not be ashamed of our faith. We are simply encouraging people to have some fun with it! Please encourage your community to keep their pictures appropriate, and their locations safe.

“I want to tell you something. What is it that I expect as a consequence of World Youth Day? I want a mess… I want to see the church get closer to the people.”

– Pope Francis

So cast out into the deep! Spread the word about the PiousPosers Back That Ash Up – Ash Wednesday contest. Share it among your youth groups and social media networks.

For more information, go to
To promote, share the above link.

Thanks for your support!

Let’s get as many youth as possible to attend an Ash Wednesday celebration this year, so they can commit to turning away from sin and being faithful to the Gospel.

Keep the faith.

Lance Rosen

Lance Rosen

Lance Rosen

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