Getting Real About SSA & LGBT


It’s here. It’s queer. Are we getting used to it yet? This June is Pride Month in the United States and throughout the world. Adults identifying as LGBT is increasing over time and across generations. Same sex attraction is “coming out” into the limelight. We see it in public policy, media representation, and the lives of the young people we serve.

The Church’s sexual ethic is an integral one composed of a few foundational points.

Our creation as male and female
The complementarity of the sexes
The purpose of the sexual act as unitive, procreative, and given freely in an exclusive and indissoluble marriage.

You can find all of this laid out in the Catechism. It provides the basis of the Catholic apologetic against same sex relationships. However, knowing why to say “no” doesn’t automatically provide a primer for the “yes” of the Christian life. In the Church today, there is a need for catechesis and conversation. For doctrine and discipleship. Young people are wondering if – no matter their desires – they have a home in the Church.

Every person is invited to embrace their deepest identity as a woman or man, as daughter or son of God. Acknowledging that reality is essential for the Christian life. But it doesn’t automatically answer every lingering question. Here are just a few raised by Shannon’s video:

How do I make sense of what I’m feeling?
Is there a difference between what I feel and what I choose to do?
I did stuff when I was little. How wrong was that? Do I need to confess it? What does it say about me and my sexuality?
If I experience “disordered” desires, what does that say about me as a person?
How do these desires effect my self-understanding as a woman?
How should I name the reality of what I’m feeling?
I don’t want to be alone. What can my relationships look like? What does a healthy friendship look like?
Who can I trust with these experiences?

The human experience is complex. Attraction and desire are important components. They touch our histories, our relationships, and our self-understanding. At Eden Invitation, we celebrate integration for the whole person. Our organization offer resources and programming for young adult Christians on the SSA and LGBT spectrum. We also approach these conversations head-on across the country. Through our online presence and live events, we’re promoting solidarity across the Church and across orientations of desire.

This might be the experience of a dear friend, the question facing someone in your care, or the wresting in your own heart. Whatever your personal story, you have a place in this conversation.

We’re excited to join Project YM Live and Marathon Youth Ministry on JUNE 19TH to dialogue with you on gender, attraction, and accompaniment! Join us for CYMLive AT 1 PM EST. We will be broadcasting into both the ProjectYM and Catholic Youth Ministry Discussion Facebook communities.  

The young people searching for answers are real. This month and every month, those who experience same sex desires deserve to be heard, received, and accompanied in their deepest identity – unique and unrepeatable children of God.

Anna Carter

Anna Carter is the co-founder of Eden Invitation, a movement celebrating personal integration and promoting solidarity beyond the LGBT+ paradigm. Anna believes the Church must be there to meet society as it shifts. Through small groups, retreats, and online resources, Eden Invitation provides millennials with community and conversation focused on sexual identity. Anna now writes, speaks, and directs the work of Eden Invitation. She also drinks too much coffee. Don’t we all?

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