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A short, easy to read book about Catholic evangelization.


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It’s true, Pope Paul VI explained that the Church “exists in order to evangelize”. Evangelization is the primary reason for her existence! It’s not just one the things that the Church should do, it is THE thing she MUST do.

Be honest: when you take a look at your parish, would you say that the primary purpose of it is to evangelize? When you look at the lives of most Catholics you know, does it look like they exist to evangelize? When you look at your own life, do you exist to evangelize? Do you even know what evangelization really is?

In this short, easy to read book, Michael answers six important questions about evangelization:

  1. What is evangelization?
  2. Why are we supposed to evangelize?
  3. Who is called to be an evangelist? (Hint: The answer is all of us.)
  4. Where is our mission field?
  5. How do we do it?
  6. What would the result be if we all took up our calling?

The book is a quick read on your own, but the format would work great as the text for a workshop on evangelization or as material for small group discussion.

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