Show the Dads in Your Life Some Love

I remember my dad being larger than life.  He wasn’t a very tall man, only stood about 5’5″ if he was really trying.  But his outgoing sales personality and fierce love he had for the people in his life made him appear 7 feet tall.  He could make anything fun, was quick to smile, and could come back with a witty and sometimes sarcastic remark that would have the room in stitches.  

My dad died in 2001, when I was 18, and I still miss him all the time.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with some amazing men in my life that are true examples of God’s unconditional love.  I’m talking about relatives, in-laws, friends, and of course our PRIESTS!  Plus, I have had the privilege of watching my husband grow into the amazing father he is to our 3, almost 4 children. 

All of this reflecting makes me aware of the importance of showing someone I care about that I appreciate them before it’s too late.  Of course that is something that should be done every day, not just once a year, but since it IS June already, Father’s Day is right around the corner! I thought I’d share a couple ideas with you for Father’s Day gifts, especially if you are stumped and the guys in your life already have everything! 

Now is the time to order some awesome (and unexpected) Catholic gifts for the dads, father-figures, and priests in your life…

Even cooler, both of the options below directly support Catholic youth ministry (and the team here at ProjectYM)!

  1. Sock Religious – Catholic socks! For real. Amazingly designed socks featuring Pope Francis, JP2, St. Joseph, St. Therese of Lisieux, Mother Theresa and more. Use THIS LINK and 20% of your purchase goes to support the work of ProjectYM.
  2. Catholic Balm Co – Most of you know this by now, but a few years back we launched the original Catholic Beard Balm at NCCYM in San Antonio. We’ve added new products since then – and we’ve got an incredible lineup for Father’s Day, including: a limited edition, hop-Infused beard oil and a St. Clement inspired beard comb. Go check out all of our great Father’s Day products – all the proceeds from Catholic Balm Co sales directly support our team members, their families and the ministry we’re doing with youth ministry leaders around the world. GO BUY SOME NOW.

I’m curious: Who are you buying Father’s Day gifts for this year?

Thanks for supporting our ministry – so we can support yours!


Crystal Marchand

Crystal works as Content Manager for ProjectYM. Over the last 11 years, she has been an all-star youth ministry volunteer, written and led countless number of retreats and has had the privilege to support and love on several wonderful small groups of teens. Crystal has 3 wonderful children and loves being a ministry wife. She also loves all things Pinterest, crafting, music, and finding new things to do with her awesomely crazy curly hair.

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