Somebody’s Gotta Feed the Widows

Last year for “Catechist Weekend”, someone from the Faith Formation department spoke after Mass about the need for catechists and adult volunteers in all of our children and teen programs. Tables were set up for interested people to come talk with us.

The italicized part below is a bit of what I said when I spoke:

“Let me start with a quick story from the Acts of the Apostles. Acts tells the stories of the early Church. In Acts 6, the people of the church are grumbling. They’re complaining that leaders of the Church (the Apostles) are not meeting the needs of the church community. Specifically they’re upset because the widows of the community are not being taken care of–kind of a big deal since taking care of the widows was one of the specific things Christ said the Church needed to do.

The Apostles discuss the complaints amongst themselves, then they gather together the church community. First they acknowledge the fact that yes, there are needs that are not being met. But then they explain to the church that there is only so much that they can do…that their plates are full. If they took on extra responsibilities, they would be neglect their other duties–the roles they had been called to fulfill.

Then they challenge the people: If there are needs in this community that are not being met, then the community needs to step up and meet those needs. They threw down the challenge that it was time for the people of the church to step up. And scripture says they did step up…the needs of the church were met by the people of the church.”

It doesn’t end there. The church still has needs that need to be met. The church still needs the people of the church to step up and meet those needs. So what are you doing? How are you meeting the needs of the church? How are you stepping up? How are you using your gifts to bless others and build up the body of Christ?

If you’re not doing anything, it’s time to step up. It’s time to be a part of the Church.

Michael Marchand

Michael is a Catholic evangelist, author and speaker.

After spending 11 years as a parish youth minister, Michael left parish ministry to work full-time with ProjectYM (a ministry he cofounded a few years earlier).

Michael's resume also includes preaching gigs at events and conferences around the world, a Catholic theology degree, authoring a book on Catholic evangelization, years of training and consulting with parish/diocesan leaders on technology and social media, countless online projects, and the founding of 2 ProjectYM mission bases: one in Uganda and one in Chattanooga, TN.

Michael is blessed to be part of an amazing missionary family. Michael, his beautiful wife (Crystal) and three kids recently settled in Chattanooga to serve the local Church there.

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