Run a Trivia Night Fundraiser

Finally a fundraiser you'll actually WANT to do – plus you can raise thousands of dollars for your organization in just one night! The best part is people will have so much fun they’ll be asking when you’re doing it again.

Do You Really Know Pope Emeritus?

Do You Really Know Pope Emeritus?

A.M.D.G. (this is an old blog post written for my job that I thought was appropriate given the current events to share again) So most of us know our latest Pope’s name, Benedict XVI (that’s sixteen!) … but do you know his name before that? Do you know where he was...

Do Twitter! Using Social Media in Ministry

We all know that social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have taken hold of popular culture and our ministries. So many of the people we serve use these tools. We use these tools. Many would argue that they are valuable tools. But there are also many that would...