Your Final Assignment

It’s that time of year: kids are out of school and summer break is in full swing. Can you believe the year has reached its halfway point?

It’s easy to hit the mid-year point and get a little lost. Somewhere between the Easter celebrations, graduations, a hundred summer conferences, Vacation Bible Schools, and, hopefully, some vacation time, our goals get lost and our tired brains decide to just focus on getting ready for the next task.

But, before you get lost in the mid-year hussle, here’s one final assignment to help move you forward in the second part of the year:

Ask yourself: What one thing do I need to focus on this summer to move me, my family, and the ministries I’m tasked with forward?

You’ll be tempted not to ask this question. Who has the time to ponder priorities when there are so many summer activities going on? But, taking some time to reset is so beneficial.

So, take a few minutes with your favorite iced coffee, and do a “state-of-my-life” assessment. What one thing do you need to focus on to bring a little more peace into your daily life? Where do you need to spend your time, your energy, maybe even your money? Do you need to make your health a priority? Or get some much needed office organization before fall kicks off again? Is there a skill set you need to invest in, whether it be public speaking, leading small groups, or social media?

Being aware of one thing you need to prioritize makes you better able to find the resources that will work for you, and take steps to actually make that goal happen.

Do you have your one thing yet? Now, let people know about it. Tack it up on the wall, write it on a post-it on your computer monitor, tweet it, or just tell your best friend about it. Letting people know about your priorities is not only great for accountability, it’s great for celebration! Let people in on your small milestones and celebrate being one step closer to your goals.

Cari Williams

Cari believes that every person should be exactly who they were meant to be, and set the world ablaze with their passion, purpose, and potential. She loves her sweet pup, coffee, and community. You can follow along at Everyday Missionaries ( or

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