Reignite Uganda – Catholic Youth Ministry in Masaka, Uganda

What We’re Doing

We are working in collaboration with Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa and the Diocese of Masaka, Uganda to resource and equip Catholic youth ministry leaders throughout the diocese. All of our efforts are backed by the diocese and are focused on one primary goal: empowering young people to share the Gospel.

How We’re Doing It

Full-Time Catholic Youth Ministers

Full-Time Youth Ministers

Our primary goal is to fund the hiring of full-time parish youth ministers throughout the diocese. These new paid ministry positions are the first of their kind anywhere in Uganda – Ronald (the man pictured above) is the first EVER full-time parish youth minister in the country. By paying full-time youth ministers like Ronald, we are empowering them to dedicate all their energy towards reaching and serving young people.

Parish Youth Ministry Budgets

Parish Youth Ministry Budgets

We’re providing parishes with a working budget for youth ministry, something they’ve never had before. This budget allow leaders and young people to spend more time evangelizing and less time fundraising. Their youth ministry budget covers things like transportation, food, supplies, bibles, rosaries and more. Having a budget to cover those things is a game changer.

Ongoing Formation

Ongoing Leader Formation

We send a team of ministry leaders to Uganda every summer to provide ongoing formation to local youth ministers through our youth ministry leaders conference, parish consultations, and deanery-wide training events. We also provide funding and resources to the diocesan youth office to continue ongoing formation efforts year round.

We are also proud sponsors of the Dare For More Youth Conference – the largest conference for Catholic young people in Uganda.  We partner with Lifeteen Uganda to help fund and support this amazing weekend event for over a thousand young people.  A portion of the Reignite Uganda budget goes to help fund evangelistic events like Dare For More.

What It Costs

To hire a full-time parish youth minister and give their parish a budget for youth ministry costs $500/month.

Percentage Breakdown

SALARY.  Our youth ministers are paid $200 (USD) per month. This salary is slightly higher than that of a full-time teacher in Masaka region of Uganda. Each parish has 2 full-time youth ministers.

BUDGET.  The parishes we partner with are given a monthly budget of $60 (USD) – that’s 3 times most parishes’ ANNUAL youth ministry budget.

DIOCESE.  We’ve built our ministry in Uganda around the diocesan structure. The diocesan office (made up of all volunteers) oversees the parish youth ministers and helps us hire new youth ministers as our ministry expands.

The very real costs of additional ongoing support/training for youth ministers, transfer/processing fee and the administrative costs of our ministry in Uganda are not included in these numbers.


In order to make our ministry in Uganda possible – and for us to continue to hire additional local youth ministers – we need financial support from people like you.  Because our ministry supports youth ministers in Uganda with a monthly salary and budget, we’re looking for donors to commit to a monthly recurring donation.


Parish Sponsorship

We would love to have individuals, organizations, and parishes commit to sponsoring individual parishes. The hope would be that in addition to your financial gift of $500/month, you would be willing to take a trip to Uganda to visit the parish your sponsoring.

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