Helping Catholic Youth Ministers Thrive!

We want to be able to provide support and community for every Catholic youth minister across the country and around the world!

There are tons of great youth ministry resources out there, but if we want healthy youth ministry leaders who are in it longterm, we need to do more than just point them to books and training videos.

Youth minsters need a supportive community: People who will celebrate their wins. People who will brainstorm solutions to their problems. People who will pray with them when things get tough. People who just get it.

The best way we've been able to do that is through our Thrive community and our mastermind groups. Each week, youth ministers meet to celebrate, problem solve, and pray together in small groups facilitated by a member of the ProjectYM team.

Currently these groups are only open to paying members of our Thrive community, but our goal is to be able to connect all Catholic youth ministers into mastermind groups regardless of their budget.

But to do that, we need the financial support of people like you!

You can also make a financial gift that directly benefits youth ministry leaders at your parish.


What your donations make possible:


If we are able to raise $5,000 of ongoing monthly support, we will be able to:
  • Provide direct support for the 700+ Catholic youth ministers who are a part of Thrive, our online community.
  • Serve thousands of Catholic youth ministers each month through social media and other digital platforms.
  • Host an annual gathering of Catholic youth workers that provides real community, practical tactics, spiritual renewal, and heartfelt encouragement.
  • Partner with dioceses across the country to provide formation and accompaniment for youth ministry leaders in the area.
  • Facilitate weekly mastermind groups for dozens of Thrive Pro members.
  • Open three free mastermind groups exclusively for brand new youth ministers.


If we are able to raise additional ongoing monthly support above our $5,000 goal, we will be able to:
  • Open free mastermind groups for youth ministers in underserved or underresourced communities. (Every $500 in monthly giving means we're able to launch a new mastermind group.)
  • Provide scholarship funds for Thriveanooga to youth workers who can't afford to attend our annual in person gathering. (Every $1,000 in monthly giving means an additional scholarshipped Thriveanooga attendee.)
  • Hire team members to build/run a culturally relevant version of the Thrive Community for Spanish-speaking youth ministers. (Once we reach $10,000 in total monthly giving.)
  • Send team members to a new diocese every month to spend a week providing in person consultation and coaching. (Once we reach $10,000 in total monthly giving.)
Made by Michael Marchand